Brain Booster Scoops


What is a Brain Booster Scoop?

The Brilliant Brain Booster Scoop is a convenient, prepared serving of extraordinary nutrition intentionally crafted to provide different benefits for the body and mind while tasting amazing. 

It was created because hot chocolate options on the store shelves are packed with chemicals, including ‘Abuelitas’ which Carina found very offensive. While pregnant, Carina insisted on superior nutrition and fed her baby this supplement instead of drinking coffee. Turns out, he’s in the top 97% for his height and top 99% for the size of his head. 

If you want to enjoy the Brain Food Supplement like a true alchemist, include a scoop of collagen peptides, a squirt of fulvic humic acids, a scoop of cane sugar, and a dollop of coconut cream milk. Carina makes her favorite drink with half coffee, a tablespoon of Brain Booster, and half almond milk in a 24-ounce container with a safety top to prevent spills throughout the day. 

What else can I do with Brain Booster Scoops? MAKE BROWNIES!

Start with your favorite brownie pre-mixed dry bag.

  • Add 1/4 Cup Brain Booster Scoops
  • 1/4 Cup Collagen Peptides
  •  1/4 Cup Ground Flax
  • 1/4 Cup  Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Orange Juice
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Blueberry, Strawberry, Rasberry, and or Blackberry mix pre-blended in food processor
  • Expect the brownies will take an additional 10-15 minutes to bake up.

Why are collagen peptides suggested but not included in the scoops?

Collagen is a single ingredient that has a lot of volume. It is an excellent source of protein that is highly absorbable in the digestive tract. Also, collagen has a unique combination of amino acids that can boost the body’s natural ability to support healthy joints, ligaments, hair, skin and nails. Simply stated, collagen is awesome.  But with 16 ingredients already in the Brain Booster Scoops, we had to stop somewhere. This also allows the Brain Booster Scoop to remain vegan-friendly!

Can children drink a beverage made with Brain Booster Scoops?

ABSOLUTELY! Just swap coffee for hot milk of choice, water, or even tea.  Put this scoop in the cup first before adding liquid.   You are encouraged to add scoop of collagen peptides and a dash of unfractionated coconut oil. The beneficial fats from the MCT’s found in coconut oil collagen peptides help children and adults alike focus and prepare to seize the day with confidence! The protein from collagen peptides will also help with satiety and encourage better learning.

What does “Intentionally Crafted” mean?

Each recipe combination was developed to provide specific health benefits ranging from brain health and focus to metabolism and weight control to immune support and to blood sugar control. Each Brilliant Brain Booster Scoop is intentionally crafted to encourage optimal cellular performance with natural whole food ingredients.

Tell me about the founder. What’s her story?

Carina is a certified Drugless Practitioner who works with diet modification and stress management for health concerns. She is a single parent of an amazing baby boy who is thriving on complex nutritional recipes made at home. With diplomas in Biology, Arts & Economics, Carina’s career as a healer began by providing massages surfside at the Tony Hawk Sports Resort in Panama. 

She graduated in the various healing arts such as Telepathic Distance Reiki (Master Level 5), Ordained All-Faiths Minister, certified Nutritionist, Bonfire & Ceremony leader, Entheogenic ancestral medicine practitioner,  server of the Kambo and Sananga jungle medicines, Personal & Couples Counseling and certified Yoga practitioner.  She is a member of the American Alternative Medical Association, a Doctor of Divinity & Metaphysics.  After her husband overdosed and became a ghost, making her a widow at age 28, while living as an immigrant in Panama, she dedicated herself to ensuring that her suffering would transmute into a higher purpose. She lived raw vegan for 5 years, has gained and lost over 800lbs in her life, and after 12 years providing Alternative Therapies, she has created 5 patent-pending supplements to provide more sustainable actionable results. 

Carina always says, ‘I don’t make food, I make medicine that tastes good.’